Homeschooling Family’s Nightmare Becomes Reality

I received this in my email box today. Please Lord have mercy upon the homeschool families in Germany.
Please contact the German embassy.

Mike Farris is the founder and chairman of HSLDA and a homeschooling father of 10.

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

I am deeply troubled to report on the homeschooling nightmare of a family I know personally. I met the Wunderlich family and their four beautiful children last November at the first ever global homeschooling conference in Berlin. Since that time, every homeschooler’s worst fear has been realized in their home.

Just after the family had started their homeschool day, police invaded their home in a SWAT-style raid, threatening to batter in the door and swarming into their home after Mr. Wunderlich attempted to speak with them. The police seized all four children and transported them to unknown locations, threatening that the parents would “not see them soon.”

The Wunderlich family would have left Germany before this, but authorities had taken the children’s passports, essentially robbing them of their right to move and making them hostages in Germany. The Wunderlichs are now separated from their children, and they need our support.

Please, please read this article and call the German Embassy today at (202) 298-4000. The time has come for us to take sustained and vigorous action. HSLDA is working diligently on the next step in this fight for freedom, and we are counting on you to join with us in the battle!

Please keep the Wunderlichs in your thoughts and prayers.

Mike Farris  HSLDA Founder and Chairman




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