10 Commandments for Kids

thm_arthurelsleysummerfunstbernardandfoxterrier1. You may not love anyone or anything more than you love God.

2. You may not worship or put more importance on any person or thing, other than God.  You must worship only the Lord, not your parents, not a friend, not a movie star of sports hero, not a car of boat or skateboard. Nothing.

3. You may not swear. Use God‘s holy name only in a loving way, never to express anger or frustration.

4. One day of your week should be set aside for rest and the worship of God.  Work six days of the week only.  You need a special day set aside to relax and meet with other Christians.

5. Be respectful to your parents.  Love them, and the Lord will reward you with a long life.

6. You may not hate other people; don’t ever think of hurting someone else in any way.

7. Keep your thoughts and actions pure.  Sex is a gift of God to married couples.

8. You may not take and keep anything that doesn’t belong to you.

9. You may not tell lies, especially when that lie will hurt someone else.

10. You may not be jealous of what others have.  You may not be jealous of your friend’s new toy or clothes or the big house your neighbor lives in.  Be satisfied with what you have.

From The Adventure Bible

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