Eleven Easy Ways to Buy American in 2011

Consumers are seemingly more sensitive to buying American around the holidays than most other times during the year. Perhaps because it’s because as we search for gifts for those on our Christmas list, we run across the words “made in China” a little more often than we would like.

But now that Christmas is over and the New Year has begun, how can we continue to buy American if the bulk of our purchases, for the time being at least, are over?

The good news is that buying American doesn’t always have to involve items that are big enough or expensive enough to put under the Christmas tree, and there are more opportunities to buy American than for just big ticket items like cars, lawnmowers, or large appliances.

Some the easiest – and most inexpensive – ways to buy American are in areas where the consumer is really indifferent as to which product to buy. The good news is that when it comes to simple, everyday items like soap, deodorant, or cotton swabs, usually any product will do since the price difference is usually negligible. The even better news is that sometimes it’s even cheaper to buy American than not.

So here are eleven easy ways to buy American in 2011 using the money you’re already going to spend anyway.