Twice Freed

twiceMy boys and I recently finished reading a historical fiction novel by my favorite author Patricia St. John.  Although  historical fiction has many benefits, reading Biblical fiction allows  us to gain a deeper understanding of the historical figures in scripture and this often leads to a richer experience while reading the Bible. After reading Twice Freed we thought differently about Paul, Philemon and Onesimus because they became more real to us.  Because Patricia St. John  includes historically accurate descriptions of the many regions spoken of in St. Paul’s Epistles, we felt compelled to read a few chapters  written by Paul as well. Twice Freed helped us to gain an appreciation for the difficulties and struggles of Paul, Philemon, and the early Christian church. Getting to know the Roman slave boy Onesimus,  and following his search for freedom and  love was moving and inspirational and as we learned more about his character we could not help caring about him….and hoping he would find what he was looking for. Understanding the pagan lifestyles of this period was also important for us because we really had no idea that  the early believers had to struggle against such strongholds and deeply held beliefs and customs. We are grateful to Patricia St. John for another wonderful book and because of her we will never read a Pauline epistle the same way again!

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