Pre-Election Blues

Probably because of the election coming up on Nov 2, I’m feeling very distracted and somewhat melancholy these days.  I’m not as heavy-hearted as I was the day after the last Presidential election, but I guess my pessimistic nature is sensing gloom and doom for our America.  Because of the apathy and lack of knowledge I see in my own circles as well as in the media,  I feel as though the progressives will probably be able to continue with their evil agenda for America.  I feel like we are on a sinking ship and no one cares to know,  or even talk about it.
I’m not saying that I have all this understanding….I’m ashamed of myself as well,  but I am desperate to learn and always willing to talk, listen, pray, and read about what’s going on in our country right now.  Most importantly, I am willing to take 20 minutes to fill out my sample voter ballot and vote!!  I heard today that the elections in in Afghanistan (where you could face death) have a 98% voter turn out.  What is wrong with us!!!

For reasons that dumbfound me, many Americans do not vote. However, the average  hardworking American family, although lacking an Ivy league education, knows right from wrong and we know when we have been duped.  We know that this administration is not looking out for us.

This election on Nov 2 is our deal breaker.  It is not simply politics as usual.  Many of the  big spending progressives that we have elected do not have the best interest of our country on their minds at all.  This election is crucial because the folks in the White House are not merely talking about big  changes; they are working furiously to fulfill the words of our President to “fundamentally change our America.”  If the Republicans do not win in a huge way on Nov 2, I believe that our America will never be the same again.  Dennis Prager said that this election is not simply an election,  but is actually a referendum on the direction of the United States of America.

If the progressives maintain their majority, they will work towards an unsustainable expanding government and will turn our country from a land of freedoms and opportunity to a welfare state. They will undermine opportunity for growth and prosperity though taxes, regulations,  and new environmental laws.  Just as Obama told Joe The Plumber , they will continue to  redistribute wealth.  America will no longer be able to be the magnanimous country that it is, because we will all be barely keeping our head above water.  I heard that the debt we are running up is equivalent to handing each of our children and grandchildren a bill of over $250,000.

The government will continue to print money, raise taxes, promote welfare and pass environmental rules, laws and fees based upon faulty science and political correctness.

I think the worst thing of all about the liberal  progressives  (who happen to be mostly democrat) is that they will  undermine our Judeo/Christian heritage and family values. Dear homeschool families,  please know that the liberals in our government do not value what you value.  If the democrats win this November,  I won’t be the only one with the blues, we all will be in the depths of despair.  Proverbs 29:2 reminds us that when the righteous rule, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule the people mourn.

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