Stories of the Pilgrims

We enjoyed reading Stories of the Pilgrims from Christian Liberty Press.  This book was a delight to read ; was easy and would be a fine book to read to the entire family.  We used it as a read-aloud and had a short discussion after each chapter.  The chapters were short sweet stories about the beginning days in the lives of the Pilgrims when they were being persecuted in England by King James. We enjoyed reading about their journey to live in Holland and especially liked reading about the Dutch families who were so welcoming to the Pilgrims.  Our grandmother comes from Dutch heritage and so we especially enjoyed reading about them and even found some similarities between the old Dutch and our very own grandmother!  Each short chapter helped our family realize  how faithful God was to the pilgrims in helping them triumph over persecution, hunger and sickness.  This book is a good beginning for young children when they begin their study in American History.  It will encourage an understanding of our nation’s rich Christian heritage as well. This book is quite simple but it is light-hearted, pure and lovely for our little ones.  ~Anne

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