The Reformation

Today my boys and I watched part IV of Francis Schaeffer’s  series How Then Shall We Live. We are not of the Lutheran faith but we are so grateful to Martin Luther.  If not for his passion for the word of God…if not for his boldness and tenacity, we would all be working out our salvation through paying indulgences. The Lord used him to open the doors for the average person to read the Bible and worship the Lord on his own. Martin Luther helped bring about freedom to those who were in bondage to a church system and religion.  He taught us that God’s word is supreme and that the just shall live by faith alone.  He taught us that Christ was indeed all we needed in order to be saved.  Fix yourself a cup of tea or coffee and take this in…I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. ~ Anne  (Turn the music off 😉 )

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