66 Reasons to Homeschool

Victorian Parents Educating ChildrenOur family has been homeschooling for over 10 years now. The longer we homeschool, the more friends we encounter who have returned to the government school in some form or another (public school at home program, charter etc.) My homeschool mentor warned me that one day we would feel alone as though walking a narrow road…within a narrow road. She was so right and there are those lonely days on this homeschool journey. Where are the families who homeschool out of conviction rather than convenience? The numbers are dwindling and my memory recalls only three or four families who are still planning to homeschool through Jr. High and highschool. Perhaps they will jump ship as well…but our decision to homeschool will remain strong. It must be that those few families who are continuing to school through highschool are probably the ones who are homeschooling because they are convicted to do so. They are not homeschooling for academic reasons, or because they thought they’d try something new. They are not homeschooling because their children asked to be homeschooled or because they are irritated with their child’s public schoolteacher. For the true Biblical homeschooler, it is a calling. We are called to teach, mentor, and disciple our children; and this calling is from the Lord.

I thought I’d list my top 66 reasons for homeschooling…. for my benefit and maybe yours. I love lists, and enjoy making them up. This list will help remind me and perhaps renew me when I feel unmotivated. This list is for fun but My # 1 reason to homeschool really is all I need to remember.

66.  Because we can avoid the agenda of Common Core

65.  Because we have opportunities to share the gospel together as a family in our neighborhood.

64. Because it is a joy when our children learn to read especially knowing that you taught them!

63. Because the world is your classroom, the grocery store, the car wherever you are!

62. Because the best teachers are parents not strangers.

61. Because preparing for life is better than preparing for standardized tests.

60. Because you can spend time doing those things which you value rather than what the NEA or government schools value

59. Because we can take a break from academics when life gets hard such as illness, hospitalization, caring for elderly etc.

58. Because we can read and discuss good literature together

57. Because we can read and discuss the Bible together during the day…whenever we need or want to.

56. We can visit museums, parks, etc. during school hours and avoid some of the crowds.

55. Because we can take extra classes during school hours (choir, tennis, piano etc.)

54. Because we want to avoid indoctrination

53. Because the public schools are becoming increasingly unsafe.

52. Because we like to stay out of the “rat race” somewhat!

51. Because we can save money on clothes, school supplies

50. Because we are free to set own daily routine & schedule

49. Because we can teach teach children life-skills

48. Because we can vacation anytime of the year we want

47. Because we can have more time to work on special projects

46.Because of Socialization (We want our children to have positive socialization experiences)

45. Because of individualized instruction (based on child’s leaning style)

44. Because we want to avoid bullies!!

43. Because we want to shelter children from harmful aspects of our culture

42. Because we desire to extend the joys of childhood

41. Because we want to be able to pray whenever we want to

40. Because we want to work on developing good habits

39. Because we want to practice what we preach

38.Because we want to sleep in on some days 🙂

37. Because we want to stay up late with company or a good movie sometimes

36. Because we want to hug our children throughout the day

35. Because we want to choose our own course of study

34. Because we want to avoid violence (teacher molestation, shootings etc.)

33. Because we (Parents) want to learn along with children

32. Because siblings can nurture relationships

31. Because homeschooling allows for more family discussions

30. Because there is no homework!

29. Because of more family togetherness

28. Because there is more time for music & art

27. Because the public school gives too much busywork & paperwork

26. Because avoiding peer-pressure is important

25. Because we don’t get the flu as much

24. Because we want to play with children of all ages (not just own age & grade)

23. Because we want a more complete education

22. Because we want to teach creation science

21. Because we want to teach christian worldview & apologetics

20. Because we like to call or skype dad during the day

19. Because we want to practice hospitality more easily

18. Because we want to volunteer or help a neighbor more easily

17. Because we want to keep working on a math problem until we get it!

16. Because we like to read worldview  books together as a family

15. Because we enjoy going on family walks and bike rides

14. Because we have freedom to be ourselves without fear of rejection

13. Because we get to spend more time with grandparents

12. Because we are able to choose curriculum that in Christian perspective

11. Because we can weave biblical worldview into all subjects

10. Because we want to make the best educational choices for our children

9. Because we are able to have more family meals together…and children learn to cook

8. Because academic subjects can be tailored to the individual students

7. Because Dad can declare any day a holiday and we can have a family fun day 🙂

6. Because we can spend more time on areas we are struggling with

5. Because the time with my children passes way too fast

4. Because the homeschooling lifestyle is wholesome and natural

3. Because life is short and homeschooling allows us to prioritize and focus on the eternal

2.Because we love spending time with our children and truly enjoy them!

1.The number one reason that we homeschool our children is because the Lord told us in his word to teach, train, disciple and mentor our children….and our prayer is that our children will follow the Lord all the days of their lives.

Why are you homeschooling???

Why are your kids still in public school???

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