The American People Will

Norman Rockwell-patriotic-1Have some fun with your family singing this poem by Joanna Fuchs to the tune of the Battle Hymn.  Instead of singing “Glory, glory, Halleluiah…sing  “We the people have to fix it.”

(To the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic)

When our government keeps growing
Past it’s legal boundaries,
When our laws just hurt the people,
But officials live in ease,
If we cannot get our leaders
To protect our liberties,
The American people will.


We, the people, have to fix it,
When our country is in trouble.
Government declines to do it,
So the American people will.

When our taxes give us nightmares,
And the total makes us flinch,
When our businesses can’t profit
‘Cause the regulations pinch,
When we tell them it’s not working
But they will not give an inch,
The American people will.

(Sing chorus again.)

Our country’s going bankrupt;
Do you think they even care?
They’re creating giant debt now,
Printing money from thin air.
They think no one can stop them,
But they’d better all beware;
The American people will.

(Sing chorus again.)

We’ll restore the Constitution
Bring back power to the States,
Give the people back the money
Congress misappropriates.
For our drunk-with-power leaders,
Only joblessness awaits;
The American people will.

(Sing chorus again.)

By Joanna Fuchs

Lyric by Joanna Fuchs

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