I’ve Done Angel’s Work Today

tired 85“I’ve done an angel’s work today. Yes, such an honor came my way. Real angel’s work. Lest you doubt it, I’m going to tell you all about it. Well, first I cooked. It was so nice to plan the pies, stewed fruit and rice. God sent His angel once to make cakes for a poor wayfarer’s sake. Just today He honored me and sent the task my way, you see.

Then while I tidied up the place, gave every knob a radiant face, back of my mind this thought would lurk-that I was still at angel’s work. Putting away coats and dresses and moving small, unsightly messes, for oh, ’tis such a lovesome thing, just straightening out and freshening. And after that, I washed a few small woolly garments, old, not new, things I had rubbed and rinsed before, quite forty times or even more. As I hung them on the line, I thought what Godlike work was mine-to cleanse, ah me, to wash out stains till not a single speck remains.

So later in the day, ’twas sweet to sit and rest my tired feet, mending the clothes and plan out, too, how to make old things into new. For surely it is an angel’s way to put things right from day to day, to find thin places and repair the glad rags and the sturdy wear. Since wear and tear must surely be on this side of eternity, I’m feeling very proud to say I’ve done an angel’s work today.”

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