If you Vote my Child’s Future Away

This simple  song written years ago was from my heart.  Noticing that  our God given liberties were being taken away, I felt compelled to sing about it.  Sadly, it is our proud progressive friends who supposedly believed in liberty and freedom, who are undermining  it each day. Oh how I would love to have folks sing about freedom again…only this time understanding that it is God-given.  Both the Republicans and Democrats continue to expand and grow our government which enslaves us more and more.  I believe it was Dennis Prager who stated, “The bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen.”  This song is dedicated to all of those representatives who preach liberty and conservatism  but vote in socialist policies.  Recently, in the news,we hear of a not so wealthy tea party candidate, David Brat,  defeating a wealthy progressive.  It sort of renews hope  again doesn’t it? I hope you enjoy my simple song. 🙂



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