Connecting the Dots

We may be our own worst enemy sabotaging our  happiness and  success,  by failing to connect the dots. We act as though there are no associations between the choices we make on a daily basis and the circumstances we find ourselves in. Even though we are Bible believers who quote verses about sowing and reaping and teach our children about consequences for actions, we often fail to view ourselves honestly or realize that for the most part, we have caused our own predicaments.  Maybe our children are rude or aggressive because we allow them to watch rude and aggressive programming on television or have unhealthy friendships with naughty children. Maybe we find ourselves lonely because we fail to be friendly, practice hospitality, and open ourselves up to others. Maybe our children struggle with certain subjects because we are not disciplined or consistent enough studying these subjects. Maybe we are overweight simply because we put too much food in our mouths.  Maybe we are stressed because we consistently over-book ourselves.  Maybe we are broke because we fail to stay on a budget.

This post  directed at myself mostly is a result of my annual self examination that seems to happen at the end of each year. If this applies to you as well,  join me in asking God to help connect the dots.  Please Lord by your grace and mercy may you allow me to take responsibility for my own actions and view myself honestly.  Help me to  stop blaming others… and connect the dots. ~Amen

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