Democrats Boo God

Never before in history has there been such a clear contrast between the platforms of the two major political parties. This was glaring as I watched both the Democratic and Republican conventions. I will never forget what I saw at the Democratic convention.
When the Democratic party platform came to the Convention floor for approval, it “overlooked” the name of God. Although God was mentioned in the previous platforms of the Dems this time it was omitted. I thought to myself, “Why even bother adding God to the platform?” This is the party of promiscuity…of unlimited abortions, of same-sex marriage. My dear husband once called it the sex party. He said that the core of the Democratic party is really about sex.

My ears perked up when a motion was made to put God back into the Platform. It needed two-thirds majority to pass. This was stunning and very telling.  When they called for a voice vote, the Ayes and Nays sounded equal. The chairman was baffled as he evidently did not realize what the worldview of his party really was. He was obviously disturbed and called for a second vote. Again, the Ayes and Nays were the same. Obviously flustered, he called for a third vote, and this time the No vote seemed to be louder! Ignoring the voice vote he ruled that the motion received a two-thirds affirmative vote and God was put back into the platform….even though the folks who line up with the Democratic party, clearly do not want God mentioned at all.
I want to remind those who may consider yoking up with the Democrats of this very disturbing reality. The Republicans have their problems and many are not true conservatives, but if I have to align myself with one…I’ll chose the one who chooses God.


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