Doubting Capitalism?

It seems that folks everywhere….in our colleges, our schools,  our media and even our government are subtly or overtly criticizing our capitalistic system.  They may not use the word capitalism but use code phrases which communicate the message that it has failed.  Our leaders stress income inequality and social justice which are really just ways to express the idea that our current system which has actually rescued more people out of poverty than any other,  is inadequate.  Even our beloved Pilgrims found out that socialism did not work when they first experimented with this nearly four centuries ago. Their communal sharing revealed that some folks who are not willing to work will feed off of those who have a good work ethic.  It  revealed that allowing people to have their own land was good for everyone and encouraged hard work.  God’s command to us in the Old Testament  not to steal or covet  our neighbor’s property reflects this view that property ownership is a blessing from Him.  Listen to this clip of Milton Friedman from an old talk show.  Better yet, have your older children listen along with you!


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