Why Are Folks Visiting Educators at Home?

woman by windowI’ve probably had this website for over 10 years now.  I would say this site is a combination of spiritual stuff, political opinion, and homeschooling encouragement.  It reflects my passions in life.  I love my Lord Jesus, and although I fail him daily, I walk with him as I stumble through each day.  So, I post about Him…songs, poetry, etc.  I love my country too and am heartsick about the direction it is heading.  So I post patriotic poems, prayers for America and information about those things that undermine our liberties here in this great land.  Homeschooling is something I care about deeply too because it allows folks to pass on their values to their children.  Homeschooling is the best way to mentor and teach our precious kiddos.  Homeschooling helps keep us free.

Lately, I do not post much and I’m somewhat uninspired.  Homeschooling highschool keeps me out of my home more and so I don’t have the opportunity to spend so much time at the computer.  Sometimes though, I like to visit the back page of this website and I’m able to see what folks are viewing.  I can see what country or state they are visiting from and what they have been searching for….why they have landed at Educatorsathome.   Guess what I’ve found?  Guess what folks are interested in? Guess what is the most interesting item for folks these days? Cinnamon Rolls! The last 100 hits to this site have been to view a recipe using Bisquick baking mix to make cinnamon roles.  I have some recipes here at Educators at Home but these are not something I’m so passionate about….they are just for fun.   Well, evidently I should have started a website about Bisquick recipes.  I would have been so popular by now.   But then….I’ve never been the popular type. I sure do hope there are other folks who care about God, America and Homeschooling.


2 thoughts on “Why Are Folks Visiting Educators at Home?

  1. Anne,

    I can’t cook too well and I know one thing for certain I couldn’t make a biscuit.

    I am glad that you have been online these ten years. I always come to your site (not often enough) because it is one of the best sources of peace, encouragement and patriotism on the entire internet.

    You keep Jesus Christ in forefront and you will always be blessed for doing that.

    Thank you for your ten years of service to our Lord Jesus Christ and to our nation.


    Rev Michael Bresciani

    1. Wow! Thank you Rev Breciani. You have made my Thanksgiving Day complete! Your kind words mean so much. I also visit your website and appreciate that I can read many good articles without being interrupted by ads and commercials. This is a blessing and a relaxing way to catch up on current events from a Biblical perspective.
      Many Blessings,

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