The Giant Killer

the giant killerIf you are looking for a worthwhile, uplifting, and character building book for your next read-aloud session with your children,  consider reading The Giant Killer from Lamplighter publishing.  This story is a quick read that almost feels like a devotional because there so many opportunities to discuss matters of faith and obedience with your children…and examine your heart as well.

  • This story centers around a Victorian Christian family who have outwardly obedient yet prideful children .  The Roby family  is asked to care  and tutor the rowdy and headstrong twin brothers: Adolphus and Constantine who are their cousins.  Hoping to instill good behavior and humble hearts  in all of the children,  Mrs. Roby faithfully shares with  them the tales and adventures of   The Giant Killer. Through this allegorical tale about a knight facing the “giants,” the children learn of  the giants they must destroy through their own  Christian warfare,  which may include: sloth, hate,  pride, selfishness, and untruth.  They learn about overcoming these “giants” with the help of  “Conscience,” “Experience” and “The Chord of Love.”  Absolutely the best thing about this book may be that it offers one more tool to use when we face our own giants by remembering the lessons learned by the faithful knight as well as the Roby children.  Indeed as Christians, we are all in a battle with our very own flesh…our old man. This war  will not end until we meet our Savior face to face.  ~Anne


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