Thanks to God (Lyrics & Chords)

couple praying

G                                                Am                            D7
Thanks to God for my redeemer. Thanks for all thou dost provide.
G                                 C                                D7                G
Thanks for times now but a memory. Thanks for Jesus by my side.
C                                G                               A7                          D
Thanks for pleasant balmy springtime. Thanks for dark and dreary fall.
G                         C                                          G     D7              G
Thanks for tears by now forgotten. Thanks for peace within my soul.

                               G                                      Am                                D7                       G
Thanks for prayers that thou has answered. Thanks for what thou dost deny.
G                                     C                                   D7                           G
Thanks for storms that I have weathered. Thanks for all thou dost supply.
C                                    G                                           A7                D
Thanks for pain and thanks for pleasure. Thanks for comfort in despair.
G                                   C                                     G         D7             G
Thanks for grace that none can measure. Thanks for love beyond compare.
G                        Am                                  D7                              G
Thanks for roses by the wayside. Thanks for thorns their stems contain.
G                                    C                                    D7                           G
Thanks for home and thanks for fireside. Thanks for hope that sweet refrain.
C                                     G                                     A7                            D
Thanks for joy and thanks for sorrow. Thanks for heavenly peace with thee!
G                         C                                           G    D7 G
Thanks for hope in the tomorrow. Thanks through all eternity.
G  D7  G
Thanks through all eternity!

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