God’s Politics

I always enjoy and look forward to reading the thoughts of Retired Navy Captain Jim Kinny.  You can learn more about him at his website Inspire and Ignite and also have his words sent directly to your email box.  I thought this subject was particularly interesting a  good topic to discuss around the dinner table.  ~Anne

Have you ever asked yourself about God’s politics? Is God a Democrat, Republican or Independent? In those terms God is certainly an Independent. Given those choices He is most certainly an Independent…but if you asked the question differently…Is God liberal conservative, the answer may surprise you.

Given the written record of God’s character as revealed in Scripture, God is most assuredly a conservative. Consider the evidence:

  1. In the very beginning God expected man to work
  2.  From the very beginning God established individual accountability and personal responsibility.
  3.  In the Garden, God declared that marriage is between one man and one woman.
  4. God established the nuclear family as the basic building block of society
  5. God endorsed personal property rights, including the right to own land and to keep the fruit of one’s labor.
  6. God is pro-life.
  7.  The Ten Commandments confirm God’s commitment to an absolute standard of   right and wrong
  8. God established the death penalty
  9. God expects us to honor the preeminence of Spiritual principal over government regulation.
  10. God endorses personal generosity to support the poor and never once suggests the establishment of government welfare programs.

Readers, I rest my case. I would enjoy hearing your rebuttal arguments. Please go to www.inspiireandignite.com

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