Joel..Boy of Galilee by Anne Fellows Johnston

When my boys and I read Joel, A Boy of Galilee, it seemed as though we stepped into the days of Jesus during his time of ministry on earth.  Although this is considered historical fiction, it seemed so real that you were almost  compelled to look in the scriptures for certain events.  Through the eyes of a young boy named Joel, you are able to walk the streets of Capernaum, see the miracles of Christ, observe the personalities of the disciples, understand the hypocrisy of the pharisees and religious leaders, and best of all look into the loving eyes of a Savior and friend.  When Joel looked into the eyes of Jesus  the Nazarene, he was never the same again.  This book is another that will draw you closer to the Savior.  He becomes so real that you wish you could have walked with Him as Joel did in this book.  I’d love to read this one again. ~Anne

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