Let Us Make Men!

Let us make men, alert, erect and strong,

For conflict girt, intense as surging life,

men who can meet the morning with a song,

Bearing a quenchless hope amid the strife,

No more let me be doomed to fail, at birth,

Let them be destined to be the kings of earth.

Let us make men of kindly heart and mind,

Brothers to all, and so true sons of God,

In every town may justice be enshrined,

In every field may gladness turn the sod;

And all around the world may Christ be King,

In every heart, in all men’s trafficking.

Let us make men of joyous destiny,

For whom the earth is home, and life is good…

Their glad todays a fit eternity.

Let souls be reverenced, and brotherhood

Grow more and more.  Let us make men to praise,

In love and trust, the Giver of their days.

Thomas Curtis Clark (Ideals 1965)


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