Little Britches

My boys and I truly enjoyed reading Little Britches this school year.  Little Britches is the story of 8 year old Ralph Moody growing up in 1906  on a Colorado Ranch. This story includes many adventures that young cowboys would love to read about. Ralph and his family encounter tornadoes, irrigation wars, and  poverty as well as family picnics, round up days and harvest times.  As a parent I treasure the mentoring relationship that is explored between Ralph and his Father as they live through every day life on the ranch.  I also came to admire   Ralph’s Mom who was so very regular and “down- to- earth”,  but who had such high ideals and morals. This book had one swearword (damn) that is used several times by some of the cowboys and other rough characters.  It was easy for me to change this word in order to read this to my children.  The lessons gained in this story made up for the expletives.  This is one of those stories that you do not want to finish because the characters are so endearing and you begin to really care about them.  If you are a cry-baby homeschool mom like me, make sure have your box of tissues for the last chapter.  ~Anne

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