Our God Reigns

While driving home from a homeschool science class today I noticed all the flags flying high in honor of Veterans day. All these flags I thought…how sad it made me instead of proud. I’m so very appreciative of our soldiers but after this past election,  not of my countrymen and women. I was telling a friend that it felt as though someone has died…I feel so sad and distressed.  She said someone has died…our country has died. It sure feels that way to me. Then as I drove along the road the song Our God Reigns came into my head. I began singing while my boys respectfully listened as they often do when I break into song. 🙂 Our God reigns, Our God reigns, Our God Reigns, Our God Reigns!!! I thought about the crowds who yelled “Hail Obama” at one of his gatherings. No, not hail Obama….All hail king Jesus, All hail Emanuel! King of Kings, Lord of Lords! Then I remembered what my son said on our way to his orthodontic appointment. “God has a plan Mom, God has a plan.”  If I keep my eyes on the Lord, remembering that He is leading and reigning over us, I will be able to get through the coming years even with an America that I do not recognize. Indeed, our God Reigns!!!

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