Prayer For Egypt

I realize that today is Groundhog Day and Valentines day is around the corner, I have lessons to think about, laundry to fold and a kitchen to clean up…. but my thoughts are on Egypt tonight. I was surprised when I turned on the news  that the fighting is continuing…and seems to be worse today.  The President of Egypt,  Hasni Mubarak said that he would not run for office again and would soon step down.  I thought that his words would calm folks down but the uproar and chaos continues.  Now there are two groups fighting and hurting each other—those who are pro-Mubarak and those who are anti-Mubarak.  I don’t really understand what is going on and am not sure if the people want a democracy or not.  I know they are angry and living on very little money.   I’m afraid that  I do not know enough about this subject to be even discussing it intelligently. So now I will pray and ask the homechool community to join me.  The Lord cares about the kingdoms of this earth and he allows kings to rise and fall.  Let’s join hands together and pray for this very volatile region of the world. May God’s  will be done.

Dear Lord please help the people in Egypt.  Above all send your guardian angels to protect the Christian believers.  Please send revival to this country and allow the people to call out to you Lord Jesus…the only true God.  Please work in the life of President Mubarak and remove him from power if it be your will Lord.  Please Lord have mercy upon Egypt and bring them to you Lord.  As your word has told us,  we pray for  Israel.  This very small country is surrounded by those who hate  and wish to destroy it.   Please bring  peace, liberty, and freedom to those who have never experienced it before.  Please bring a government that will allow the people to worship you  freely and openly.   Lord, you often turn evil into good.  You are working Lord and perhaps these protests can be used for your glory.  Maybe these folks can finally be free and the Egyptian Christians prayers will be answered. Please Lord block the efforts of those who desire to wipe out Christianity.

We trust in you Lord, and put our hope in you.   We know that your will is that we are all free and you love your Egyptian people. You have allowed the church in Egypt to survive for over 2000 years….even through heavy persecution it did not die.  Please continue to protect the believers there and do not allow them to be overcome. Please reveal yourself to all of those lost souls who do not know you.  For Yours is the kingdom and the Power and the Glory Forever and Ever!!!!  Amen!!!

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