Freedom Of Religion

I would like to encourage all families  to speak out boldly for religious freedom and practice it each day wherever you go.  Pray in public, share the gospel in public, wear your cross, write to the editor of your paper and do all you can to use the religious freedom that we have before we lose it.  Our “representatives” are changing the language from      ” freedom of religion” to” freedom of worship.”  This way it can be restricted to  once a week meeting where we can hear “preaching” from the pulpit that has been approved by the government and call it our freedom of worship.

George Weigal  from the Denver Catholic Register hit the nail on the head when he said:

“Religious freedom, rightly understood, cannot be reduced to freedom of worship. Religious freedom includes the right to preach and evangelize, to make religiously informed moral arguments in the public square and to conduct the affairs of one’s religious community without undue interference from the state. If religious freedom only involves the freedom to worship, then, as noted above, there is “religious freedom” in Saudi Arabia, where Bibles and evangelism are forbidden but expatriate Filipino laborers can attend Mass in the U.S. embassy compound in Riyadh.”

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