Evolution vs. God

I just recently had the opportunity to view this excellent video “Evolution vs. God” and found Mr. Comfort’s  line of questioning one that revealed so much about the heart of the atheist and evolutionist.  What a thought-provoking presentation that is so worth the  30 minutes. Rev. Bresciani wrote this excellent review of the presentation.

“Modern secular education and propaganda and indoctrination are birds of a feather” Anon

The Evolution V. God video is only a bit over thirty minutes in length, but it is one of the most power packed blows to the evolutionary model produced in this decade.

Having seen the video several times wasn’t enough for this writer, I began combing the tweets, and blogs to see the people’s reaction. While many believers were delighted with it, the indoctrinated and dyed in the wool evolutionists, in large part, resorted to degrading and nasty remarks often aimed at Ray Comfort.

Arguments against Comfort’s conclusions were almost non-existent because Comfort questioned only those who are Darwinists. They did not fare well, although they remained dignified they were unable to give a defense of something they had swallowed hook, line and sinker, with no serious thought to the other side of the argument.

One blogger thought he had clinched the argument by declaring that the next time Ray Comfort gets sick he should take a ‘creationist penicillin pill.’ That science has produced some amazing benefits for mankind was never Comfort’s argument.

Comfort argued that science has defied and denied its own best definition – the observance of repeatable, observable phenomena and the subsequent collection of data from those observations.

Someone (Alexander Fleming) used science’s definition in the discovery of penicillin. It took observation to see the result. No one either scientist or dirt farmer observed the ‘big bang’ or any part of the alleged billions of years of evolutionary process. That is Comfort’s point.

A few bloggers took note of the fact that like all believers Ray Comfort’s faith in the gospel is based on real history observed by thousands across the nation of Israel and faithfully recorded by twelve highly observant men. The historicity of Christ’s life, ministry and resurrection was what caused Paul to exclaim to King Agrippa, “For the king knoweth of these things, before whom also I speak freely: for I am persuaded that none of these things are hidden from him; for this thing was not done in a corner.” (Ac 26: 26) The evolutionary model cannot show any corner of the universe where the great ‘everything from nothing,’ actually began, much less, was witnessed by anyone.

Judging the video based on blog reaction actually gives it the edge because in spite of vitriolic pejoratives, expletive laden diatribes and nasty personal jabs against Ray Comfort he nevertheless emerges out of it all as – the Christian gentleman.

Two things became clear in Comfort’s video, first is the gradual change that came over those who were interviewed. In the beginning they were confident and smug in their belief that the ‘experts’ had fed them the truth about evolution. They seemed to bask in their own intellectuality until it was shown to them that they had accepted the Darwinist spiel quite apart from any personal or rational thought of their own. It doesn’t take a philosophy degree to discern the fact that swallowing someone else’s conclusions do not make anyone intelligent.

The change that took place right before our eyes was seen after Comfort made it personal rather than trying to make light of their petted conclusions. It was a shift away from personally feigned intelligence to the heart. The interviewees became more human, more honest as they shifted from head to heart.

The second unusual aspect of the video was that while anyone with a basic knowledge of scripture and a scientific understanding of the difference between inter species and intra species evolution could easily see that none of those interviewed knew what Comfort was talking about initially.

Ray repeated the question incessantly about some species, any species producing some other species of creature, it created a bewildered look on the face of those interviewed. He wanted to know what new species has ever been proven to emerge. Do hundreds of cats get together and procreate over the long night of evolution to final produce a large bird of prey?

The Bible says some 29 times in the book of Genesis that each species of flora and fauna were created after their own kind. That means that no matter how many kinds of cute kittens we can produce by interbreeding we never produce a puppy. This is called intra species evolution and is the only provable, observable part of evolution that is true.

If our cats could produce a giraffe in time, that would be, inter species evolution. That is the heart of Darwinism and to date is what is fast becoming the pipe-dream of the masses according to both science and the bible. This is what Comfort was driving home in his questions.

The video contains a marvelous interlude which examines a poster used by atheist organizations proclaiming that some of history’s greatest personalities were atheists. Of the eight personalities listed on the poster only one was actually an atheist. The only atheist of the eight (Ernest Hemingway) was also a victim of his own suicide.

The video closes with Ray imploring the interviewees to re-examine their beliefs, they look like they have already begun to do just that! This is exactly what this powerful piece of film making is all about.

It is an excellent tool to open the minds of youth, the indoctrinated, and should be on the shelf of every pastor who cares about his church members and their need to know how to answer the widely accepted, but spurious and tattered theory of evolution.

By Rev Michael Bresciani, September 26, 2013

The video of this is available on youtube or at EvolutionVsGod.com

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