The Dismantling of America~Thomas Sowell

Please take 30 minutes to listen to this interview with Thomas Sowell.  Folks keep telling me that they have no time.  No time to read, no time to listen, no time to become informed.  Our republic is dying…..because we have  “no time .”  Frankly, the truth is,  we make time for those things which are important to us. Perhaps if we educate ourselves and our children, they will be able to tell their children about the days when America was the land of liberty and freedom. May the Lord have mercy upon us and forgive our sins…and heal our land.

Thomas Sowell, an American economist, political philosopher, and author of over 30 books is one who is worth paying attention to.  Thomas dropped out of highschool, received his Bachelor’s degree at Harvard, his Masters degree at Columbia and his doctorate at University of Chicago.  Mr. Sowell also served in the Marine Corps during the Korean War. Although his many degrees may be impressive to some, his good old fashioned common sense is what I appreciate…..this is more than refreshing to me.  Enjoy learning more. ~Anne

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