The Public Schools Have Been a Huge Success

Recently my friend and I were discussing the government school system and she remarked that the public schools have been a huge success. She went on to tell me that indeed they have accomplished what they set out to accomplish. The masses have been indoctrinated into a secular worldview, they have become good little socialists and are happy to give up their individuality and freedom in order to be told what to do and how to live. They are willing to trade free stuff (healthcare, education, food etc.) for their freedom. They have become such sheep and believe that capitalism is evil and the Constitution is outdated and not important anymore.  They no longer believe in free speech for all but are bound by political correctness and an ideology of progressivism.  They follow lock in step the culture and ways of Hollywood never even considering the possibility that the culture is on the wrong path.
They do not believe in the authority of scripture and have no moral compass to guide them. They have rejected the long held traditions, beliefs, and godly heritage of their ancestors and have embraced the ideas and worldview of the secular humanists who teach them every day for 18 years. How sad that each of us is so willing to give up our children for 8 hours a day….for 18 years to be taught and mentored by folks who despise everything we believe in. How very sad. Yes, my friend was right…they have been a huge success.

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