Waiting for Superman

I have not seen this film yet, but I’m looking forward to viewing it.  I’m not sure what solution they will come up with to deal with the failure of our public schools but I personally believe that the “buck” stops with the parents.  I’m convinced that a loving mom who is passionate about her children and eager to teach them can do a better job around her kitchen table than any “professional” teacher with her BA degree.  She can do this….and is doing this…. without all of the public money that the schools “need” and she can do this without any help from the government.  The solution  is not found in more money, nicer buildings, higher teacher salaries,  smaller classrooms, or better programs.  The solution rests with the parents.  We need to teach, train and disciple our children and not expect the government, the church, the youth pastor, or anyone else to do this for us.   My husband and I consider this to be our calling….our mission-field…and our job.    ~Anne

(Don’t forget to turn off the website music before watching.  Scroll down past the clock. :))

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