What Are You Waiting For?

victorian homeschoolI know of a dear family who has totally re-arranged their lives in order to continue homeschooling  their children.  Why would anyone choose to  live very frugally, move away to a less expensive area, and pass on  many of the so called pleasures that this life has to offer in order to homeschool their children?  After all they could  simply give their  children to the government schools to raise for 18 years or so. Earning more money would be easier and instead of penny-pinching out in the country,  some hip and trendy neighborhood could be the setting in their lives. It would be so much more convenient and besides they could buy more stuff.

Perhaps this family has decided that their most important calling is to teach, train, and disciple their children. Maybe they are homeschooling out of conviction rather than preference. Or possibly they are just using their God given common sense.

Have you finally decided to homeschool your children or do you need more convincing? Have you read the news lately?  Do you know what the public schools are teaching your children?  Have you been paying attention?  Do you understand the agenda of the Department of Education and NEA?  Are you satisfied with the culture in our schools and fine with the “socialization” and peer influences that your child will encounter?  What about the indoctrination and group think that our schools engage in? What about the violence, the abuse from teachers, the low standards, the elimination of God and traditional values.  Are you aware of what the very insidious and creepy Common Core program has in store for your children?

Homeschooling is one way to have a measure of control over one’s life and  environment.  Homeschooling allows for more family fellowship, for healthy socialization, and for a less hectic lifestyle.  Homeschooling builds families instead of tearing them down.  Homeschooling is not perfect. Some days are hard. But all things considered, homeschooling is a wonderful way to live a life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.   What are you waiting for?  ~Anne

Need more convincing?  Check out 101 reasons to homeschool your kids.









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