I Miss my Job

I have a friend who called me one day to ask if she could sit at my house and do her paperwork.  How odd, I thought.  But sure, I replied. She had completed homeschooling and lived alone in her home. She said it was too quiet and she wanted to hear the noise of busy homeschool children. I thought it was a rather odd request but I sort of understand where she was coming from now a days. She missed her busy home. She missed her homeschool lifestyle.  She missed her relationships probably most of all.

Unfortunately,  I find myself still grieving the fact that I am no longer homeschooling.  The following is an “off the top of my head” very random list. This is purely cathartic for me and probably of little use to the reader. (not that many read these posts) Hopefully,  this will begin the process for me to re-evaluate and develop a new normal. Hopefully this will help me to discover what the Lord wants me to do now. Although I was not convinced at the time, my dear friend and homeschooling mentor warned me that those carefree happy homeschool days that were once a routine, will never return. She explained that  one may never go back to those happy childhood days.  Our kids become adults and these relationships, however precious do change.  Pining for the good ol’ days will not bring them back….she reminds me.  Still though, I need to come to some peace and closure.  I need to be grateful for this new season and look at the years to come with fresh hopeful eyes.  Indeed,  there is so much ahead especially with Christ.  But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man
The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” I Cor 2:9  What a comforting thought this is! ~ Anne

  1. I miss reading and discussing good literature with my children and on occasion with my husband.

  2. I miss planning.  Planning out our next semester, choosing curriculum, activities, schedules and routines.

  3. I miss our white board.  Writing schedules, inspirational verses, algebraic equations, and lists etc.

  4. I miss our co-op families.  We used to get together for writing class, worldview, speech etc.

  5. I miss our sharing time.  When the kids would recite a verse, share a song, poem or current event.

  6. I miss learning alongside my children.  I’m less engaged in learning now.

  7. I miss reading to my boys while they eat their lunch.

  8. I miss cooking together.

  9. I miss field trips.

  10. I miss studying the Bible together.

  11. Although independent, I miss being a part of the homeschool community

  12. I miss talking about books with other homeschool moms.

  13. I miss praying about each subject

  14. I miss worldview studies.

  15. I miss studying about civics and politics with my children.

  16. I miss taking them to piano lessons and watching the lesson.

  17. I miss the feeling of hope and excitement when embarking on a new subject.

  18. I miss IEW and learning to write along with my children.

  19. I miss the innocence and sweetness of just being together throughout the day.

  20. I miss penmanship with Grandma.

  21. I miss having our tutor come for Algebra, Geometry and Physics.

  22. I miss my husband reading historical fiction to the boys before bed.

  23. I miss cleaning up the house really fast because a family was coming over (I’m weird, I know)

  24. I miss just being engaged with my children most of the day.

  25. I miss reading to the kids while my husband is driving the car.

  26. I miss cancelling our schedule and declaring a swim day.

  27. I miss studying history…especially reading The Mystery of History

  28. I miss hugging my boys throughout the day.

  29. I miss the feeling of family togetherness.

  30. I miss my job….and my calling.

6 thoughts on “I Miss my Job

  1. you have had so many blessings Anne. It is a lot to miss but oh how you have lived so fully satisfied to have given so much of yourself to your family and your friends. You may have the beginnings of a very good book written in your journals of your life. It is a most fulfilling way to live giving your all. Im sure once the feelings of loss have subdued you will be filled with the joy of the Lord having a new calling. A calling is the most rewarding more that a career and more than a paycheck to pay the bills.
    When the pain has subsided , you will be on another journey and meanwhile your children will be such good friends to you and your husband and you will still be blessed even more with more ideas that will be clear and your new friends will probably help you to fulfill your vision. Have a good cry and then embrace your new season of a Godly life . Thinking of you and sending up the prayers to a faithful Lord.

    1. Thanks so much Michael Bresciani for reading my thoughts. I loved homeschooling my boys and am so grateful to the Lord for this privilege and calling. Many Blessings to you!

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