Why Are We Homeschooling Anyway?

Although Socrates admonished  that “The unexamined life is not worth living,” in some ways it seems self-indulgent …..always questioning…..always examining  our own lives and activities.  Still, in our family, since we’ve begun this homeschool journey, evaluating our curriculum, our methods, our goals, our daily activities,  and even our attitudes is par for the course.  This time set aside for reflection and examination helps  to refocus and set goals.  It renews our vision and sets straight our path once again.  One of the benefits of this close  evaluation is that we remember the big picture and the real reason we  homeschool. 

What are we hoping to accomplish and why have we chosen this homeschooling lifestyle?   Academic excellence is not our main destination and some subjects may not  impress. We realize and remember that “there are no guarantees in this life,” yet  we press on because we must do what God commands;  teach and train our own children.  To tell them the stories of God’s faithfulness in our own lives and the lives of those who came before us.  To speak of this often…when we arise, during the day and when we retire at the end of our day.  Trusting in God to fill in the gaps when we fall short, we are doing our best at:

training future leaders and……looking generations ahead.

We are leading by inspiration……and  by example

We are teaching repentance and……preserving traditions and customs.

We are training our future grandchildren and…….maintaining close family ties.

We are disciplining our children and……preparing them for life.

We are mentoring and leading……leading our children to Christ.

We are learning together and……learning to care about each other.

We are enjoying family life and…..plenty of good books. 

We are building friendships…….and making family memories.

We are caring for parents and pets and…….our homes. 

We are cooking and enjoying many meals together.

We are making music, watching old movies and….. completing projects.

We are practicing hospitality and……enjoying our neighborhood.

We are learning the Bible together…..and making time for laughter.

We are teaching worldview,  sex education, ethics, and old- fashioned common sense.

We are living out family life and……learning of repentance,  forgiveness and

empathy for others.

We are instilling Christian values……and working on character development.

We are learning of citizenship, stewardship and paying our own way. 

We are learning to pray and depend upon  God to guide our steps each day.

We are learning the most important things in life. 🙂  ~Anne




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