40 Days of Praying for America

Folks across America are beginning a pre-election 40 days of fervent prayer. People are in prayer and also fasting because our America is in such deep trouble. This election is so important and many do not even realize what is at stake or what is taking place.

As you already know, we are declining in every way.  Morally, spiritually, financially…we are also divided in many ways.  Many of our politicians and leaders in both political parties have let us down.  Corruption, bribery, dishonesty, greed and waste reign. Our leaders hang out with Hollywood, elitists, communists,  and even members of terrorist organizations. They live immoral lifestyles and celebrate this as being cool, modern and progressive.  They are foul mouthed and gluttonous in their lifestyles. They live like kings and yet require each of us to lower our standard of living when they deny themselves nothing. They are poor examples for our children and we cannot count on good leadership from them.   Where are the men and women of integrity?   Where are those who applaud decency and a good work ethic.  Where are those who support the stay-at-home Mother instead of poking fun at her.

Please join me in praying for our beloved country. For 40 Days of Prayer starting on Sept 28 and ending on our national election day, Nov 6. Only God can heal our land….He is our only hope. Although no political leader has the answer to such great problems, we have a responsibility to vote for the person who aligns most closely with those things which our Lord cares about above all else. These areas are foundational and cannot be compromised on.  Life….the most important…. we must support life and protect our small and vulnerable…our babies. Freedom of religion...absolutely…the freedom to live according to our own convictions and practice these in the public square.  Freedom to train and teach our own children…parental rightsMarriage….holy matrimony.  Liberty given by God not by politicians.  If we realize this politicians cannot ever take it away from us.  Freedom to worship God in our way…Freedom to protect our families….Freedom of speech…and association.  Freedom of press…and on the internet.  Freedom on the airways….freedom of thought…whether we agree or not.  Freedom  to pray, display a cross, flag, Nativity or Menorah.  Freedom to raise our families without a huge tax burden.  Freedom to leave a bit of inheritance to our children without the government reaching in to steal it away. Freedom to be in charge of our own medical fate without government interference. Freedom of privacy in our homes and in our Doctors office.  Freedom to own property and pass it  on to our children.

Precious Lord we realize that you are a holy and good God…one who is gracious, forgiving and merciful.  We do not deserve such blessings and good gifts like you give us all…each day.  Oh Lord we thank you for taking such good care of us and providing all of our needs.

Please forgive us Lord.  Forgive us for not putting you first in our lives…in our families.  Forgive us for neglecting our time with you….for you have given us this gift….the gift to be able to come before your throne….because you provided a way through your Son.  We can come boldly before you….but we do not.  We come with trembling hands asking for your mercy. We are but dust and we fail to keep your commands…and without you our goodness and our striving is as filthy rags.

Oh Lord, we are so scared and worried about our country.  We ask that you restore and heal our land.  We have removed you from our schools, our homes and even our churches.  We have rejected your rules and your wisdom and now we are in dire straits.  We have failed to speak boldly of your goodness to others and have let fear reign in our hearts.  We have elected men and women to lead us who follow the culture instead of  your word.  Please Lord, do not remove your hand of protection and mercy from us.  We praise you Lord and trust you with our lives, our family and our country. Amen

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