Reading Great Books

“Because life and time are short, we will be able to read only a few thousand books in our lifetimes. When we pick any book, we are ruling out hundreds and thousands of other books. How important it is, then, to choose time-proven great books that will [uplift and transform us], and enable us to rise to greater levels of truth and beauty and insight and understanding and, hence, spirituality. Many great men and women have found that a steady, systematic approach to literature has enabled them to fill their beings, in a lifetime of good reading, with the great thoughts of men and women of all the ages, for through reading great books we are put in touch with the great minds of all time, and we become their spiritual and intellectual heirs.” [George W. Pace]

“With regard to the kind of books that are read, great precaution should be used.  No doubt the destiny of individuals has very often been decided by volumes accidentally picked up and eagerly devoured at a period of life when every new impression is powerful and abiding.  For this reason, parents, or some guardian friends, should carefully examine every volume they put into the hands of young people.” [Mrs. Child 1831 Author of The Mothers Book]

We enjoy reading many types of books…but  certain books draw us closer to the Lord and change us in some way.  In light of the fact that this life is short and we only have so many years to read the great books, we do not want to waste our time on “twaddle.”  We hope to choose books that build character, reverence and love for the Lord, and love for our country. We seek out books that are uplifting and joyful  keeping in mind Phil 4:8 “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things [are] honest, whatsoever things [are] just, whatsoever things [are] pure, whatsoever things [are] lovely, whatsoever things [are] of good report; if [there be] any virtue, and if [there be] any praise, think on these things.” Please help me add to this list.  If you have read a  great faith building….character growing book that you just loved please comment below and I can add to this list!!  I would be so appreciative!!

Many Blessings,  Anne

Classic Book List

(These are some of the books we’ve read with our boys ages 5-13)

The Bible

Hinds Feet on High Places (for Children)

Little Pilgrims Progress

Treasures of the Snow

Little Britches

Teddy’s Button

Clean Your Boots Sir (Lamplighter)

Joel Boy of Galilee

Titus Comrade of the Cross

Johnny Tremain

Old Yellar

Farmer Boy

Little House Series

Charlotts Web

The Kingdom Series (C. Black)

Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers

The Miller Series

Pathway Readers

From Sea to Shining Sea (For Children, Marshall)

Sounding Forth the Trumpet(Marshall)

The Light and the Glory (Marshall)

Abeka Readers

Anne of Green Gables

The Basket of Flowers (Lamplighter)

Silver for General Washington ( c. 1944  Enid Meadowcroft)

Summer with the Moodys

Spring with the Moodys (Sarah Maxwell)

The Giving Tree (Silverstein)

The Boxcar Children (Early books in series)

The Legend of The Cid ( c. 1963 Robert C. Goldston)

By Wagon and Flatboat ( c. 1938 Enid Meadowcroft)

We Were There at the Opening of the Erie Canal (c.1958 Meadowcroft)

The Story of Davy Crockett ( c. 1952 Meadowcroft)

Land of the Free (c. 1961 U.S. History-Meadowcroft)

The First Year (c.1946 Meadowcroft)

Holding the Fort with Daniel Boone (Meadowcroft)

When Nantucket Men Went Whaling (c. 1966 Meadowcroft)

The Story of George Washington (Meadowcroft)

On Indian Trails with Daniel Boone (c. 1947 Meadowcroft)

Texas Star ( c. 1950 Meadowcroft)

Ship Boy With Columbus (c. 1942 Meadowcroft)

The Story of Andrew Jackson (c. 1953 Meadowcroft)

Charlemagne ( c. 1964 Manuel Komroff)

(To Be Continued)

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