Relaxing on Memorial Day

This Memorial Day weekend has been a relaxing one and I am grateful for this opportunity to just be together enjoying family time.  This year we decided  not to entertain……prepare food, clean the yard, house  etc.  in order to have folks over,  but just relaxed and enjoyed being with each other.  We’ve been having a wonderful weekend.  We’ve napped, and read, and puttered (my husbands favorite thing)…..we’ve gone to the driving range to practice golf swings, we took items to the good-will store, and we enjoyed a wonderful old movie  Sergeant York, which was perfect for Memorial Day weekend.  If you are looking for a good old-fashioned movie that honors God, the Bible and America check out Sergeant York.  This movie like a good  classic book allows for many  conversations and world view lessons.  Grateful for family…and for our soldiers who have fought so that we may live our lives in peace.  ~Anne



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