10 Reasons to Stop Hillary

  1.  Perhaps honesty is not an important value in our culture, however,  if one cares about votea leader being truthful, supporting Hillary Clinton is not a reasonable choice for President.  Her manipulations and deceptions are so obvious and even though they are ignored by the left and also most media, they cannot be overlooked by the voter.  It’s interesting to me that when someone on the right is found to be a deceiver, they will suffer for it and will loose support.  But the left are loyal to their own; no matter how corrupt they are. Do your own research on this. Hillary lied about the Benghazi attack saying it was caused because of a video. She deceived the American people when she denied receiving any classified emails.  She even distorted the truth about arriving in Bosnia under sniper fire. All of this and more can be found easily as you do your own homework on Hillary’s fraudulence. Is she worthy of our trust now as she campaigns for President?

Pure Adoration

images.duckduckgo.com(8)Although I have no babies waking me anymore, most nights around 3am, my eyes pop open.  It’s quite frustrating because I really want to feel refreshed in the morning after a wonderful undisturbed night of sleep.  But sleep is often  harder to come by these days…. and so I’m up thinking, walking around, drinking some water…and praying.  Actually, for some reason, I’m able to pray better at 3am. I’ve talked to others….especially other Moms who also are awake at this time.  Does the Lord awaken us all so that we will talk to him?

One night as I was praying, I was particularly worried.  Worried about everything.  My family, my children, my unsaved friends and relatives, my health, my husbands health, my siblings, our country and where it’s headed.  I could go on and on. All of my worries about the future seemed amplified as well…things seem much worse at 3 am; don’t they?  In the quiet, with only the hum of our ceiling fan, I heard from the Lord.  Well, I think it was Him. It was not an audible voice I heard…but a still small voice in my heart that said…”It’s not all about you.”   It was as if I got a glimpse of His glory…and I worshiped him and thought about his awesomeness.  I can’t really explain it, but for those few minutes I understood.  It’s not that we shouldn’t pray about things…we should.  But really this life is not about us.  It’s about HIM.  We are here to glorify Him. I found this magazine clipping that has been tucked in my Bible for years.  I thought it was so profound…and so beautiful as it describes what Pure Adoration means.

….the highest adoration is not occupied with the re-collection of favors received and mercies extended, though they do help one be aware of the true nature of God.  There is still, in all such recollection, a remnant of that self-centeredness which it should be the purpose of prayer to escape. In it, we are still thinking of God in terms of something done to “me” and for “me.”  We never really adore Him, until we arrive at the moment when we worship Him for what He is in Himself, apart from any consideration of the impact of His Divine Selfhood upon our desires and our welfare.  Then we love Him for Himself alone.  Then we adore Him, regardless of whether any personal benefit is in anticipation or not.  Then it is not what He has done for us or what we expect Him to do for us but what He has been from eternity before we existed, and what He is now even if we were not here to need Him, and what He will be forever whether that “forever” includes us or not-it is that which captivates us and evokes from us the selfless offering of self in worship.  That is pure adoration.  Nothing less is worthy of the name.

~From An Autobiography of Prayer by Albert E. Day

Is Capitalism Moral?

Are You Really a Socialist?

“The Goal of Socialism is Communism”-Vladimir Lenin

Our Public Schools, Colleges, and Universities have done an excellent job of converting our youth to the ideas of socialism and communism. Who would ever have believed that our America would have so many people willing to elect a socialist for President? Parents….please educate your children or they will be indoctrinated as well.


War on Boys

He Is Risen!!!!!!!

Prayer for the Home

Mama’s Mama

ladies washing by a stream Mama’s Mama, on a winter’s day,
Milked the cows and fed them hay,
Slopped the hogs, saddled the mule,
And got the children off to school.

Did a washing, mopped the floors,
Washed the windows and did some chores.
Cooked a dish of home-dried fruit,
Pressed her husband’s Sunday suit,
Swept the parlor, made the bed,
Baked a dozen loaves of bread.

Split some wood and lugged it in,
Enough to fill the kitchen bin,
Cleaned the lamps and put in oil,
Stewed some apples she thought might spoil,
Churned the butter, baked a cake,
Then exclaimed: “For Mercy’s sake,
The calves have got out of the pen!”
Went out and chased them in again.

Gathered the eggs and locked the stable,
Returned to the house and set the table,
Cooked a supper that was delicious,
And afterwards washed all the dishes,
Fed the cat, sprinkled the clothes,
Mended a basket full of hose,
Then opened the organ and began to play,
“When You Come to the End of a Perfect Day.”

by: Anna Rees Henton

The Ultimate Career

Ultimate career

The Speech Every 2015 Grad Needs to Hear

God in America Again!

June 26, 2015

elections have consequences



Today is Flag Day!

homecoming-marine-rockwellToday we celebrate Flag Day.  Are you still proud of our flag?  Are you proud to be an American?  I am.  However,  if political correctness has its way our freedom to speak and think freely may be lost…simply being proud of our Country or of our flag may be considered to be a form of microagression.  Shockingly, but typical for the  so very “tolerant”  left,  Janet Napolitano,  former secretary of homeland Security and now President of the University of California system has banned certain words and phrases which may be a form of microagression.  Apparently, if you  express that “America is the land of opportunity”  you are being offensive.

Please practice and support your God given right to think and speak and believe as you wish.  Please spread the word about this crime of political correctness before it’s too late.  For more information on this story click here.

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

Three brothers ages 10, 14. and 15, play three amazing blue grass tunes.  Delightful music….refreshing to watch.  Enjoy!

Math from a Biblical Worldview

Memorial Day Poem

man flag dogThese did not pass in selfishness;
they died for all mankind;
They died to build a better world
for all who stay behind;
And we who hold their memory dear,
and bring them flowers today,
Should consecrate ourselves once more
to live and die as they.

They were defenders of the faith
and guardians of the truth;
That you and I might live and love,
they gladly gave their youth;
And we who set this day apart
to honor them who sleep
Should pledge ourselves to hold the faith
they gave their lives to keep.

If tears are all we shed for them,
then they have died in vain;
If flowers are all we bring them,
forgotten they remain;
If by their courage we ourselves
to courage are not led,
Then needlessly these graves have closed
above our heroes dead.

To symbolize our love with flowers
is not enough to do;
We must be brave as they were brave,
and true as they were true.
They died to build a better world,
and we who mourn today
Should consecrate ourselves once more
to live and die as they.

Edgar Guest

Come Home

Christ Arose!