Paris Climate Agreement won’t change the climate.

I thought this video was interesting and better explains this agreement without all the panic and politics.  If we stayed in this program it would cost the USA more than any other country and China and India will not have to reduce emissions at all…in fact,  they will increase under this agreement.  As always the USA will give the most and lose the most. This plan if followed perfectly by the year 2100 MAY reduce the temperatures by 0.3 degrees. This is a push to redistribute wealth to the world and promote globalism. “I pledge allegiance to the world” is the idea behind this and it really is unscientific after all. Follow the money and we will probably understand the real motives behind it.  Let’s do our homework on this so we will be able to avoid the panic and group-think and hopefully discuss the issue with actual facts instead of politics and hysteria.


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