Sir Kendrick and the Castle of Bel Lione

My boys and I just recently finished reading Sir Kendrick and we cannot stop thinking and talking about it!  We read 7 of Chuck Blacks Kingdom Series books and after each one I declare that it was my favorite. My boys always catch me on this and remind me that the last book was my favorite!  If your children love to read about brave knights, castles and  sword fighting they will love this book and the entire series.  If you enjoy reading books that build up your families faith, I recommend this series.  He has a bible study in the back of his book and each character in the story is compared with a Biblical character.  Sir Kendrick is a brave knight who serves the Prince (who is Christ) and their mission is always to fight against the dark knights of Lucious (Lucifer) Their battles are fierce but they fight with the strength of the King and his Son!  This particular book focuses on the training of a younger and less experienced knight,  Sir Duncan,  who is somewhat proud and arrogant.  By the end of the book he is braver, wiser and has the humility of his mentor Sir Kendrick.   I highly recommend this series and plan to purchase these for several of my family members. ~Anne

(The reading level is ages 9-12…I think it is better used as a family read aloud. Somewhat graphic)

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