Wilt Thou Follow Me?

family praying in the morningNot many poems grab me; but this one from a lovely little book entitled “Poems for Memorization”  did.  I hope it grabs you too.

“Wilt thou follow Me?”

The Saviour asked.

The road looked bright and fair;

And filled with youthful hope and zeal

I answered, “Anywhere.”

“Wilt thou follow me?”

Again He asked.

The road looked dim ahead;

But I gave one glance at His glowing face:

“To the end, dear Lord, ” I said.

“Wilt thou follow Me?”

I almost blanched,

For the road was rough and new.

But I felt the grip of His steady hand

And it thrilled me through and through.

“Still followest thou?”

‘Twas a tender tone,

And it thrilled my inmost heart.

I answered not, but He drew me close,

And I knew we would never part.

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