America The Beautiful

When was the last time you paused to thank God you are an American?

Too often, I am guilty of taking the blessing of being an American for granted. I had no control over my birth place. The Creator granted me this blessing.

What a different world we would face if we were born in Somalia…or India…or Kenya. For all the problems we face…for all the issues raised on this daily broadcast…for all our political differences…living here is a blessing. The personal liberty and the limited government our forefathers developed and passed down to us through 100 generations of brave men and women has made this the best place on earth to live and to raise a family.

It has been passed on to our generation to defend this heritage of liberty and to preserve it for future generations. This shining light of freedom called America is not just for those born here…but a beacon for the entire world.

Pause now and say, “Thank you, Heavenly Father”.


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