Leading Our Little Ones

“There is only one way to lead a child down the right path….that is to go that way yourself”

My children are getting to the age when they are beginning to notice the faults of my husband and I….they are noticing the human frailties, the inconsistencies and the shortcomings.  Even though we’ve told them over and over again that Mom and Dad are sinners and that we make mistakes all the time, I don’t think they were paying such close attention as they are now.  They are growing up and just as I knew about my own parents faults and imperfections,  they will know of mine.  My prayer is that they will still see Jesus in me and my husband and know that we are still a work in progress even though we are old. 🙂  My prayer is that they will see our hearts.  I hope they will see  hearts  full of love for them and love for our Lord who forgives and promises to continue the work He has begun in our lives.  My prayer is that they will  grow up to love the Lord and realize his mercy and grace in their own lives as well.  Many Blessings to you as you train and disciple your “little ones.”  ~Anne


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