Dinner Dilemma?

It is not uncommon for my best friend to call me in the evening, just about dinner time  and say, I don’t know what to make for dinner…I’m in such a cooking rut…..or I’m too tired to make dinner. I know exactly how she feels and so together we figure out something that she can quickly prepare that is easy and healthy.

Now these ideas are not anything extraordinary or fancy and we both acknowledge that our dinner dilemma is a result of our own lack of planning, still though….knowing this,  we come up with ideas that satisfy our families and fill their tummies. ~Anne

These are some of our top 20 dinner dilemma meals.

*  Egg & Cheese Burritos, Fruit

*  Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Raw Veggies w/ ranch dip

*  Angel hair pasta w/ Parmesan cheese & Garlic, steamed broccoli

*  Bean & Cheese Burritos or Quesadilla’s, Avacado or Salsa

*  French Toast, Fruit

*  Baked Potatoes w/ toppings (chili, broccoli & cheese or salsa)

*  Leftovers (warm up whatever you have and buffet style it!)

*  Ramen noodles w/ veggies or chicken added

*  Grilled cheese sandwiches & Tomato Soup

*  Cheese Egg Omelets, Toast, Fruit

*  White Chicken Chile ( canned navy beans, left over chicken, jack cheese)

*  Buttered noodles w/ chopped broccoli

*  Fried eggs & potatoes w/onion, (use left over potatoes and fry them up        w/ an onion….add an egg to brown nicely)

*  Tri-colored noodles (Italian dressing, garbonzo beans, manderin oranges, whatever you have on hand; chilled)

*  Chicken bowls (cook some brown or white rice, add some teriyaki or soy sauce, chop up leftover chicken, add any veggie to bowl)

*  Pancakes, sausage, fruit

*  Oven egg omelet (beat 8 eggs, milk, cheese together & bake…slice up and serve)  Toast, rolls or muffins.

*  Chagels (Bagels toasted. Make a sandwich with egg & cheese) Fruit

*  Taco Salad (use whatever ingred.  you have on hand)

*  Chinese Chicken Salad(keep dressing on hand, add lettuce, chicken, mandarin oranges, water chestnuts, cabbage, almonds etc.)

* If you are really tired and you have a sweet easy going hubby like I do,  serve up their favorite cold cereal and go to bed early!! You can plan some lovely dinners in the morning over a cup of coffee.

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