Duggars Ice Cream Cake Recipe

I saw this recipe  while viewing The Duggars on television one evening.  Are you all familiar with  who the Duggars are?  You know…they are the nice homeschool  family with the 19 children.  Well anyway, we tried this recipe and it was very rich, decadent and impressive to look at.  The best part of this recipe is that it is so very easy.  You really feel like you are cheating because it is only mostly homemade….sort of.

24 Ice cream sandwiches

8 ounces cool whip

2 king size butterfinger candy bars chopped up

1 squeeze bottle Hershey chocolate syrup

1 squeeze bottle Smuckers caramel topping

Arrange in six layers in a 9×13 in pan

First layer-12 sandwiches, placed over bottom of pan

Second layer-1/2 container of Cool Whip

Third layer– 1/2 chopped up butter finer bars topped with 1/2 choc syrup and 1/2 bottle caramel topping.

Fourth layer-the rest of the Cool Whip

Sixth layer-the rest of chopped-up Butterfiner, caramel topping a choc syrup

Freeze and eat as desired.

*You might want to prepare and eat this before it becomes illegal under the new health care plan. (Grin)

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