How Would Jesus Vote?

It’s a peculiar thing to think of Jesus voting but then again it feels almost unorthodox to think about him in human terms anyway.  Despite this, we do know what He cares about. He cares about children, and marriage and families. He would definitely be turning over the tables at the planned parenthood center.  No doubt about that. What about marriage:  Does God support same-sex marriage as our President does?

 I thought this article by Capt. James Kinny was good food for thought. I’m completely dumbfounded at the enthusiasm and support that our current president still receives. For my Christian friends who support President Obama, I cry out “what are you thinking?” How in the world can you align yourself with a platform like his? You would have to completely ignore your Christian worldview….if you have one,  in order to support his leftist agenda. The division between the left and the right has never been more clear. For the believer, the most important issues are not the economy or foreign policy (although we care deeply about these issues) For the Christian its the same as it has always been. It’s about LIFE, FAMILY, MARRIAGE, RELIGIOUS LIBERTY.

Do you remember the little bracelet with the letters “WWJD” so many of us wore a few years back? The bracelet was to remind us to try to think with the mind of Christ. Have you ever asked yourself, how would Jesus vote? Understanding the mind of Christ on these important issues should be helpful as we approach the November elections

What follows is a quick checklist asking how would Jesus vote on certain issues facing our nation this election cycle, you decide how you think Jesus would vote on each issue. Would Jesus vote:

1. Pro-life…or…Pro-choice
2. For traditional marriage…or…For same sex marriage
3. Individual responsibility…or…Victim mentality
4. Living within your means…or…Accumulating significant debt
5. Traditional family structure…or…“The new normal”
6. Personal generosity…or…Government largess
7. Absolute standards…or…Relative standards
8. The right to the fruit of one’s labor…or…All things held in common
9. The supreme authority of Scripture…or…The supreme authority of law
10. The work ethic…or…An entitlement mentality.

Understanding God’s standards should guide how we vote in secular elections.

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