Just A Thought…What About the Constitution?

Are there any abiding principles that should guide our government?

Most of us would consider the Constitution the source of those timeless principles but there are some who believe the document that established and guided this great country is outdated and should be discarded in favor of their more “modern” wisdom.

Liberal judges take a “Living Document” view of the Constitution—that is, it means what they want it to mean today—and they are constantly reinterpreting the text to accommodate their own vaulted view of what is good for the country. They see no problem with the government forcing you to buy a product or service against your will.

A second approach is taken by our President who has declared the document flawed or by our young intelligentsia represented by Washington Post writer Ezra Klein who said, “The constitution is impossible to understand because it is more than 100 years old.”

God save us from the intellectuals and elitists who think they know best.


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