Our Family Mission Statement

My husband and I have been talking about family mission statements for several months now.  When we first began homeschooling,  I wrote up a homeschooling mission statement and tucked it away in a filing box.  I didn’t understand back then that a mission statement needs to be displayed, read over,  and talked about often.

This statement is a rough draft and will probably be changed  as I think about it more.  I thought I’d share it with you all so that perhaps you will be inspired to make up your own unique family mission statement or at least begin thinking about it.  I started by just jotting down what I wanted to include. While  I have a tendency to ramble on and on,  my husband is more concise. You should have seen what my original statement looked like before my husband eliminated some of its wordiness!  Even though this is still a bit “wordy”, it seems to be incomplete to me.  I’ll probably have to add more over the next few months….then my hubby can simplify it again. ; ) ~Anne

Our family desires to honor and glorify our Lord Jesus and serve Him wholeheartedly.  We aim to know Him better, by gaining a thorough understanding of the Bible, and by seeking wisdom and instruction from Him every single day. We aspire to share His love with others through practicing hospitality, performing acts of service, and by sharing the gospel message with our neighbors and community.

We want to nurture and encourage a strong family bond and have a peaceful, warm, and relaxing home that can be a physical and emotional shelter for our family and loved ones.

We strive to have a home that is full of joy and free from strife and arguing, yet allowing for  honesty and communication.  We will be mindful of our biblical foundations and family rules while we are alone or while we have house guests. We will make it a habit to apologize and seek forgiveness when we have been unfair or unkind.  We will be quick to  forgive one another remembering how much we have been forgiven by our Lord Jesus.

We aim to live a life of integrity, being honest and choosing to do what is right even if it is not easy, comfortable, or popular.

Knowing that our days on earth are numbered, we seek to use our time wisely performing worthy tasks that have eternal value rather than spending all of our free time on temporal pleasures.

Our homeschooling journey will emphasize a learning lifestyle that never ends.  We will continue to diligently read and study striving to be articulate, capable, industrious,  and balanced.  We will shun double mindedness, and confusion by using the Bible as our compass and guide.

We will devote time and energy to our Country, defending our Constitution and liberties, through being informed and active in the political process. We will try to keep current with the affairs of today in order to be an informed voter and prayer warrior.

As parents we will strive to have a loving and healthy marriage knowing that our children are watching and learning about God’s design for marriage, forgiveness, sacrifice, resolving conflict, and faithfulness……to be continued 🙂

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