Shipwrecked But Not Lost


Even though we are homeschooling highschool…and even though we are on the go more these days with various classes and activities, our family read-aloud time continues on whenever possible.  Reading to your kiddos forces discussions that otherwise might never occur.  Shipwrecked But Not Lost proved to be an excellent choice for a quick family read aloud that supports many of the values the biblical homeschooler cares about. This particular story almost reads like a devotional during some chapters especially when the young cousins Alexis and Ivan  cry out to God throughout their very dangerous journey while stranded in the arctic during a long winter.  These two young men  refused to listen to  the advice of their father and instead put themselves under the leadership of a captain.  Through near death experiences while stranded in the arctic these impulsive young boys realized the error of heeding to foolish counsel. Trusting in God’s mercy they were able to survive, but had to fight wolves, bears, icebergs and frigid temperatures.  Like many of the Lamplighter books, Shipwrecked, But Not Lost  provides yet one more opportunity to disciple and train through discussion.  This short novel would be a good choice for a family read-aloud or bedtime story.


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