The Best Homeschooling Advice in the World

When I first started homeschooling, I used to attend a monthly homeschool  meeting in our neighborhood.  I was so excited about my new homeschooling life and I was anxious to learn all I could.  I remember one evening noticing an older homeschool mom sitting in back of the room,  and I went to sit by her. This lady who has now become a friend of mine, was nearly done homeschooling her only son.  He would soon be graduating and then she would be moving on to other adventures.  After we had been talking for a while, I asked her a question that I commonly asked back in those early homeschool days.  Regarding homeschooling I inquired,   “What is the one thing, you would have done differently?” and “Do you have any great homschooling tips?”  I was so anxious to hear some really good advice about teaching reading, curriculum ideas, or homeschool philosophy.  Maybe even some ideas on teaching history.  Oh how  I love history!

To my surprise she offered this piece of advice that was somewhat of a let down to me.  She said, the one thing she would have done differently was that she would have devoted more time to her husband and marriage!!!  As a younger homeschool mom…idealistic and overly enthusiastic about teaching my children, this was a non-answer.  What kind of homeschooling tip was that anyway? I wanted some really helpful advice!!!

This friend of mine did indeed raise a fine young man.  He’s married now and has a son of his own.  He and his wife are Christians, serving the Lord and raising a son.  She’s happy to be a grandma and loves it when her son comes to visit….even though it is not as often as she would like.  Sometimes my friend will call me and ask if she could come to my home to do paperwork, or just to hang out.  She misses the sounds of children.  She misses homeschooling.  Sadly, her husband and her are divorced now and each lives alone.  Homeschooling her son, was her whole world…..just as homeschooling my children….is my whole world.  My dear husband and I have been married for nearly 28 years now.  We are devoted and loyal to one another and I feel so blessed to have such a  kind and loving husband.  But, I’m afraid my friends advice was something I needed to hear.  It was actually very good advice….the most important advice of all. The best homeschooling tip in the world.  I’m going to set up some date nights on my calendar, as a first step in implementing this excellent  homeschool tip. ~Anne

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