“The New England Primer of 1777”

Morning Prayer~Dr. Watt’s

Almighty God, the maker of everything in heaven and earth;

the darkness goes away, and the daylight comes at your command.

You are good and do good continually.  I thank you that you have taken

such good care of me this night, and that I am alive and well this morning.

Save me, O God, from evil, all this day long,

and let me love and serve thee forever,

for the sake of Jesus Christ your Son.


Evening Prayer~Dr. Watts

O Lord God who knows all things, you see me

by night as well as by day.

I pray you for Christ’s sake, forgive me

whatsoever I have done amiss this day,

and keep me all this night, while I am asleep.

I desire to lie down under your care,

and to abide forever under your blessing,

for you are God of all power and everlasting mercy.


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