True American Virtues

Millet (1814-1875)

If you pay attention, occasionally the President slips up and we get a look at his real agenda. Perhaps his most famous “honest moment” was his comment to Joe the Plumber, “We’ve got to spread the wealth around.” Or more recently when he told the president of Russia that he could be much more accommodating after the election. Sometimes you have to read the lines to truly understand Obama’s true agenda.

Recently his Labor Department published new regulations limiting the work children could do on their family farms…it caused an uproar and was withdrawn, but think about what the president was actually attempting to do:

Kids, especially farm kids, with a good work ethic are self reliant, reject the victim card and do not desire to become dependent on the government…to Obama, those America virtues are to be eliminated. He obviously wants the hard working, industrious parts of our population to emulate his adoring masses…the Occupy Wall Street crowd…the inner city welfare crowd, and all the citizens who prefer a government handout to working for a living. That’s his real base and he is doing everything he can to destroy anyone independent, self reliant and opposed to the government nanny state he is effectively imposing on America.

Thank God for the home schooled and farmers’ kids who are being taught true American virtues!
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