What The Flag Means~Edward F. Hutton

The Flag is many things.  It is a mark of identification of ships at sea and of armies in the field.  It is a means of communication.  When you see our Flag in front of a home,  it says for all the world to read, “Here lives a family that is American in spirit as well as in name.”  The Flag is a mirror, reflecting to each person his own ideals and dreams.  It is a history.  Its thirteen stripes and fifty stars embrace a record written greatly during these years since 1776.  It is a mark of pride in a great word-the word “American.”  It is an aspiration of what small children want their lives to be.  It is a memory at the end of life of all that life has been.  It is a ribbon of honor for those who have served it well-in peace and war.  It is a warning not to detour from the long road that has brought our country and its people to a degree of prosperity and happiness never even approached under any other banner.

Flag day is a day to proudly display our flag and show our respect for our flag and country.  We are still one nation under God and we must not get discouraged but defend and stand up for our flag our God and our country. May the Lord have mercy upon our nation, may he send revival, restore our country and turn our hearts and homes towards Him.



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